Our Mission is to always be there when we are needed, to dry out what is wet, to clean what is dirty and to restore not only your home but your life.



About Us:


In 1981 William M. Wills purchased his first cleaning and restoration franchise. For 30 years he successfully ran his company; all the while feeling as though something was missing. In 2010   William shared his dreams of breaking away from owning a franchise and starting an independent company. He said that owning a franchise was becoming to “corporate”. He felt it was taking away   quality in the services and the ability to take time to actually care for the customers. In 2012 William was diagnosed with cancer. On February 20, 2013 William lost his battle to cancer. In March of 2013 we took our first step in fulfilling William’s dream.

                                                              B & W Restoration

                                               Providing Quality Services With care



Board Up


Bio Hazard & Crime Scene Clean Up